My philosophy

Corinne Depeyre

Corinne Depeyre

Because I am convinced that organic farming is the future, I drive my vines at the rate of plowing, natural cycles, without ever asking them more than they are willing to offer me.
My wines are the result of a beautiful meeting between my land and a vintage“.

The estate

I’m installed in the familial house in the small village of Tulette which is situated in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône vineyard.

La grand-mère et le père de Corinne Dupeyre

La grand-mère et le père de Corinne Dupeyre

This farm, which first stones were put but my grand-grand-father, Clément, and my grand-father, Henri, is simply a part of paradise circled by vines.

I handle my father’s vines and I made some works in the familial “mas” ; the estate Corinne Depeyre is now a 19 hectares of vines all worked with the organic philosophy culture.

My method of culture

A flower for the vine service : the “Phacélie”

The phacélie with leaves of tanaisie (Phacelia tanacetifolia) is an annual herbaceous plant of the family of Hydrophyllacées (Boraginaceae according to the phylogenetic classification).

Native of the North of Mexico and of the South of California, this plant is particularly interesting in agriculture and beekeeping. (cf. wikipédia).

It has in particular the property to regenerate naturally the rather dry grounds.


The insects’ house

La maison à insectes

La maison à insectes

In the heart of my vines which are a hunting reserve (hunting forbidden), I wanted to let a blank plot of land where I wanted to create a natural environment rich in biodiversity.
I planted trees and created a hedge to bring a shelter and food to insects, birds and small mammals.
Insects have been neglected in our cultures for a long time. Today, we know how precious allies they are.
It’s time to react and welcome insects, as they deserve, offering them nesting boxes and various shelters which will make come birds and small mammals !


Vineyard attachment

Palissage des vignes

Palissage des vignes

The vines in Domaine Corinne Depeyre are attached by posts made in acacia planted in the ground. From the broad-leaves trees, the Acacia is an essence naturally sustainable, it’s rotproof, which guarantees a very good performance during the time. The split picket bring a good strengh by its shape following the wood thread, and it’s naturally very sun, rain or insects-resistant.

At the bottom of rows rosebushes are planted, announcing illnesses for the vine.


My wines

Click on the image to learn more about the wines of the domain:

Corinne DEPEYRE Estate Wines

Corinne DEPEYRE Estate Wines

The estate in some pictures


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  1. Francis says:

    J’adore le vin de ce domaine !
    Je passerai en camping car cette été pour en savoir plus sur ce vignoble biologique. Bravo !
    Francis Falck.

  2. Denis says:

    Super le site web!
    Quant au domaine, il est magnifique ! Le vin est gouleyant, riche, aux aromes de sous bois et de fruits rouges : à goûter absolument!
    vraiment une belle expérience!
    bravo Corinne!

  3. Protilab says:

    Votre blog est magnifique, bel article et bravo

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