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Story : More than a wine grower : my story, my passion, my style… unadorned, a cuvée made only for your pleasure !

Grape varieties : 25% Viognier, 25% Roussanne, 50% Clairette

Soil : Clay calcareous and rounded peebles, vines aged 6

Climate : Mediterranean

Wine making : The harvest is made early in the morning to keep the
chilliness of the fruit. The fermentation is made in stainless steel thermo
controlled tanks (15°c) after direct pressing to get a maximum of fineness and aromatic complexity.

Ageing : Stainless steel

Oenologist appreciation : Behind its pale yellow color and     green tints, this wine unveils a subtile peachy nose and citrus fruit aromas. It has a great freshness lightly lemony finish. It’s well balanced and can be enjoyed as an aperitive, with goat cheese or with a sauce fish.

Distinction : Our vintage 2015 was prized by a Silver Medal at Orange’s Wine Competition and Mâcon’s Wine Competition, and our vintage 2016 was prized by a Gold Medal in Tulette’s Wine Fair.


Médaille d'or Tulette STYLE BLANC 2016
Gold Tulette STYLE BLANC 2016










Orange Argent 2016
Orange silver 2016

Macon silver 2016
Macon silver 2016


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